(Please contact your chosen club for the Fees)


We-love-tea-snack-timeBookings and payments need to be made in advance.


When possible we prefer parents to pay directly into our bank by bank transfer – as a not for profit company this method of payment helps to keep our bank charges down to a minimum which in turn means we are able to keep our fees at an affordable rate for parents.


We accept all leading childcare vouchers:


  • Kiddi Vouchers
  • Computershare Vouchers
  • Fair Care Vouchers
  • Early Years Vouchers Ltd.
  • Care-4
  • Kids Unlimited
  • Edenred,
  • Fidelity 
  • Sodexo.
  • Childcare Choice (tax free childcare)


Working Family Tax Credit


If you are responsible for children you need to be aged at least 16, and work the following hours to get Working Tax Credit:


  • if you're single, you need to do paid work of at least 16 hours a week
  • if you're in a couple, your joint paid working hours need to be at least 24 a week, with one of you working at least 16 hours a week


Tax Credits Enquiries




Tax Credit Helpline


For general information about tax credits
Opening hours
8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday
8.00 am to 4.00 pm Saturday


Closed Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day
PHONE 0345 300 3900 FREE


For customers who are deaf or hearing or speech impaired:
0345 300 3909 3909 FREE (Textphone)